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2010-06-20 10:21 pm
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Today, as I head off to sleep, I'm thankful that:
  1. Last week is over!
  2. I had a lovely brunch with a friend and colleague on Saturday.
  3. I got plain old work done yesterday and today, and while I haven't completed moving offices, I did decide how I want to organize things and made good progress.  I think I can move computers on Monday and move myself over, even though I'll have more work to do. It's so satisfying to just get stuff done.
  4. What a lovely service at the nursing home!  We had an amazing pianist. 
  5. I got my dad the coolest Father's Day present.  I think he's really going to enjoy his new iTouch, listening to podcasts and reading books.
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2010-06-15 10:29 pm
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Today, I'm mostly thankful that the day is over, but I'm also grateful for:
  1. Fun shopping for cool papers.  One of the best anti-depressants.
  2. Fresh fruits and veggies, especially blueberries. Yum.
  3. Peanut butter smoothie recipe on One Frugal Foodie. I'm looking forward to trying it.
  4. The ability to be pretty independent, and the connections to not have to be completely independent 100% of the time.
  5. Bed.
Goodnight, all.
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2010-06-14 09:10 pm
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1st grateful post at dreamwidth

Today, I'm grateful for:
  1. Progress on work issues.
  2. Popcorn kittens.  Hee!
  3. Sales.  Yes, I'm that cheap.
  4. Warm cats on a chilly evening.

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2010-06-11 10:20 pm


I appreciate the invite, [personal profile] perkins.